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Are you planning
to move to another place?

Reduce the amount of furniture and household items in the home through online sales or donations to local charities. Furniture will be photographed and measured and listed on the site for a period of 30 days at our recommended used furniture prices. Items not sold will be donated or disposed of. A fee of 20% of the final sales price will be deducted from all sales.


Our team had the good fortune to be told about Leslie’s downsizing services by another Realtor in Gig Harbor and we are extremely grateful to have her as a resource for our Sellers. As Real Estate Brokers we often have clients who are selling their homes to move to much smaller accommodations. They find themselves with more furniture and other household items than they can take to their new homes; this is where Leslie comes in. She meets with the clients to determine what it is they want to keep and which items they don’t. Leslie then gets to work to decide on what could be sold or donated. She completely inventories the items to be sold, including taking pictures and getting information on the brand names, etc. to come up with a fair market value for the items. She also provides clients with resources for donating things that may not be able to be sold.
Leslie also stays in close contact with the Listing Agents throughout this process and makes herself available to meet prospective Buyers if the Seller or Agents aren’t available. Prior to closing, she coordinates with the Sellers and Agents on what hasn’t sold so plans can be made to either donate or dispose of what is left. Her communication is stellar from start to finish.
We’ve had several clients who have used Leslie’s services and each experience has been awesome. We will definitely be calling her again should we find ourselves with Sellers needing to downsize prior to listing and/or closing on the sale of their home.

Dena Skondinski, Closing Broker

JS Associates

Coldwell Banker Bain

Leslie was an amazing Realtor for us with friendly communications at all times. In addition to helping us buy a home, she found estate sale furniture items to suit our needs to fill our home, as it would be a second home for us. Leslie was so great to text, email, and forward pictures of estate sale items. She even filled her garage with what she had room for until the time of our first move-in on our closing day. We’re happy with what we ended up with and appreciated how smoothly everything worked out.

John & Debbie Rumble

Cooper Point in Olympia, WA

“When my brother-in-law was diagnosed with terminal cancer he used a real estate agent as a seller to begin to downsize his estate.   After my brother-in-law died, as executor, I elected to continue to use the seller to dispose of my brother-in-law’s personal property in preparation for the sale of the house.   The seller took a major burden off of my shoulders by organizing an estate sale, as well as meeting with other potential buyers.   She was always very responsive to my inquiries and documented all the sales (which turned out to be important for the state estate tax return).   I was impressed enough to use her as the selling agent for the house, and I was grateful for all the services that she provided.

Jon Wallen